Komatsu WA475-10

Komatsu WA475-10 kit

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Included in the delivery are all components required for construction (hydraulics, drives, etc. see kit contents gallery), as well as a bucket with a straight edge.

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INFO: In the tabs NEEDED ACCESSORIES and MODEL ACCESSORIES below, you will find all the necessary parts for building and expanding your personal dream model. After the desired transfer to the shopping cart, you can return to the respective store area via CONTINUE SHOPPING.

The model shown is an example and may include optional special accessories. The basic kit is supplied unpainted and not assembled.

The new Komatsu WA475-10

Presented at the Bauma trade fair in Munich in 2019, the Komatsu WA475-10 wheel loader has an operating weight of approximately 26 tons and has an engine output of 217kW/291hp.

It is characterized by a 30% increase in fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor, while at the same time being more productive and easier to operate. This makes it perfectly suited for the various transport and loading applications. This new generation of wheel loaders serves as the model for our latest little original from Fumotec.

We are particularly proud that we have succeeded in transferring the many details of the original to our scale wheel loader. Thereby, all especially lovingly designed scale parts of the Fumotec WA475-10 are already included in the kit as standard. In the area of the driver's cab, we have transferred the steps, handrails, lighting system and rear-opening doors as well as the folding engine hood of the WA475-10, with its numerous fine details, to the small scale.

Outstanding is the sensitive control of the travel drive and the hydraulic functions of the model. The interaction of these different components is particularly important to Fumotec. This increases the effectiveness of the components used and results in a realistic driving pattern and motion sequence of the wheel loader. Just like the original.

A special innovation is the optionallyavailable hydraulic quick coupler for the wheel loader. It makes it possible to quickly swap attachments and significantly increases the play value. With this system, we have developed a unique connection between the mast and the attachment. A possible retrofit of the changer becomes extremely easy, as the standard bucket does not have to be replaced in the process!

Schnellwechsler hydraulisch WA 475

Technical data:

- Length with bucket on the ground: 639mm

- Width over tires: 214mm

- Height to top of cab: 250mm

- Wheelbase: 238mm

- Weight: 10,6 kg

- Scale 1:14,5

- Pump with delivery volume of 700ml/min matched to the model for precise and direct control

- 12mm cylinder with 10mm pistons of the steering cylinder; 14mm cylinder with 12mm pistons for the mast as well as 16mm cylinder with 14mm pistons at the bucket - optimally adapted to the model for maximum performance

To be able to assemble the model ready to drive, you still need the following components:

-1x brushless controller for the pump motor (e.g. Roxxy 722)

-1x drive unit e.g. Quicrun Fusion Combo 1200kV

-3x servos for the hydraulic valves (e.g. HS 81 or similar)

-2x servos for the two diff. locks and the gearbox (e.g. HS 85 or similar)

-receiver (at least 7 channels)

-battery (e.g. Lipo 3S 5000 mAh)

-approx. 500 ml hydraulic oil

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no products were found that match your selection criteria.

* All prices plus VAT plus shipping

Your Fumotec model should be ready for immediate use or a Fumotec model kit should be shipped to you already painted?

We now offer three attractive service offers that support the desire for a finished and ready-to-use model from the very beginning. With our service you get once more the possibility to realize your dream model with Fumotec. We offer a unique variety of models for every taste. Orders for construction and painting services are individual custom-made products and therefore excluded from revocation and exchange!

  • Construction service WA475

    You don't have the time or the desire to build? You want to get your model ready for another reason? We build your Fumotec dream model ready for use for you!

    1.578,30 €*

  • Painting service WA475 Basic

    The Basic painting service includes painting with high-quality two-tone uni paints in Komatsu design. The cab is not painted on the inside and may show paint mist. Painting Basic is our low-cost alternative. Our goal is to color parts with a high quality paint and the skilled hand of a professional for a fair price. Visible parts are sanded before painting. Components that are not in the visible area may have a slight surface texture.

    980,40 €*

  • Painting service WA475 exclusive

    Painting service WA475 Exclusive - the name of this offer stands for itself. With this high-end paint job, the corresponding components are given an elaborate multi-layer paint job. A lot of effort is put into the type designation as well as the original manufacturer's lettering of the model: These are painted with much attention to detail in this service!

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