Precision at the highest level - that's what our new Fumotec valves stand for.

We are very proud to be able to combine all the features that are crucial for the functional modeler, some of which we have lacked so far, in the new Fumotec valves.

The following points were particularly important to you and us in the area of valves:

- Precise response behavior:

Here our valves have an upstream fine control range whereby the control precision could be significantly improved. This fine control range is also located very close to the center of the valves in order to reduce unnecessary unused control travel to a minimum.

The valves therefore respond smoothly and precisely after a minimum dead travel without the need for electronic programming in the transmitter. The direct response of the upstream fine control range with downstream volume control range results in a completely new control feel.

- New modular design:

Which modeler doesn't know this - the recurring question with every model: Should I now install a 5-fold valve block or better yet a 6-fold? This decision has far-reaching consequences for a later upgrade of the respective model.

This is now a thing of the past! The new valves have a modular design and can be extended without limits at any time. Another block can be mounted to each existing valve block at any time.

- Maximum holding force:

What use is high precision if the last selected position cannot be held stably and

can be held cleanly. With the valves, we have been able to implement what we consider to be the maximum technical tightness. Here you move technically on a very fine line between the tightness of the valve and the ease of movement, without which precise control is not possible.

A Fumotec speciality: Our valves are all ground in by hand. This manual work is a complex process, but unfortunately this precision cannot be achieved by machine production.

- Simple servo assembly without additional costs:

Drill holes in the servo arm and then shorten the servo arm to fit the

valves? In the future, these steps will no longer be necessary with Fumotec valves.

You get a ready servo adapter, which takes over the connection from the servo to the valve. This special servo adapter as well as the necessary servo holder is included with the Fumotec valve block. Both, the servo adapter and the servo holder, are designed and suitable for the Hitec servo HS81.

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