Cylinder parts sets

The cylinders listed here have bolted multi-part cylinder heads. This means that the cylinders can be easily disassembled at any time if necessary. Double O-rings are used as seals. This type of sealing has so far proven itself in all areas of application.

The cylinders have been tested with continuous operating pressure of 30 bar. The maximum pressure/test pressure was 35 bar. Seamless brass tubing is used exclusively as the cylinder barrel. The piston rods are made of hard-chrome plated steel. With the kits, you get the complete material including all screws and gaskets to build cylinders exactly to your specifications. The 18 and 20 part kits each come with a 150mm piston rod and cylinder barrel. With the 10, 12, 14, and 16 parts kits you get a 100mm piston rod and cylinder barrel each.

Longer dimensions can be supplied here on request and for a small additional charge. The great advantage of the entire design is that you can create individual stroke lengths by shortening the piston rod and cylinder tube as required for your application. The design of the cylinders also allows the ports to be positioned freely. You can, for example, rotate the ports 90° or any other conceivable angle. The standard cylinder base connections are at 90° to the cross bore (see illustrations). 90° rotations are available on request. Thus, the cylinder parts sets form the possibility to build exactly the individual cylinder for your model more - an unbeatable advantage.

This gives you the possibility to independently adapt the parts set to your model and it avoids the expense of expensive custom-made products. After successful adaptation, the cylinders are soldered. By plugging the individual components into each other, this process is possible without any problems, even for model builders with less soldering experience. We recommend so-called soft solder for the soldering process.

The diameter designation always refers to the outer diameter of the cylinder tube. The cylinder tubes have a wall thickness of 1mm for all variants.

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