Kit Komatsu wheeled excavator PW180-10 base

Kit Komatsu wheeled excavator PW180-10 base

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The model shown is an example and may include optional special accessories. The basic kit is supplied unpainted and not assembled.

The Komatsu PW180-10

A wheeled excavator such as the PW180-10 is ideal for fast travel on construction sites and between job sites, giving it an advantage over excavators with a tracked undercarriage. The Komatsu PW180-10 offers - both as a large scale model, as well as in scale 1:14.5 - excellent stability and maximum lifting forces. This high level of stability can be further increased in the form of two hydraulically controllable claws as outriggers. In addition, a hydraulic scraper blade can be selected from the model accessories, which further increases the already high level of fun.

The PW180-10 combines Fumotec's signature performance and durability with tremendous prototyping fidelity.

Equipment details:

- Adjustable boom with mechanical quick coupler

- 2 additional hydraulic connections on the boom

- Electric and hydraulic rotary joints included in the kit

- Axles with external planetary gears and lockable differential

- Steering axle with oscillating suspension and also hydraulically lockable

Technical data

-Axis distance(wheel center to wheel center): 180mm

-Width: 180mm

-Length incl. shield and claws: 330mm

-Weight: 9.3 kg

Accessories required for operation:

1 piece steering servo (recommended agfrc A50BHLW Servo or KST - digital servo DS 1509MG)

7 pieces servos for hydraulic valve and differential lock (e.g. Hitec HS 81 or similar)

1 piece controller for slew drive (recommended Servonaut MFX)

1 piece controller for hydraulic pump (e.g. Roxxy 722 or similar)

1 piece controller for traction drive (e.g. Roxxy 725 4D or similar)

1 piece BEC supply for steering servo (output 7,4 Volt min. 5 A)

1 servo for valve of the axle pendulum lock (Hitec HS5065 or similar)

Receiver with at least 12 channels

Battery Lipo 3S 5000 mAh

0,5 liter hydraulic oil (Fumotec order no. 15/2)

Hydraulic seal fluid (Fumotec Order No. 15/20)

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no products were found that match your selection criteria.

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Kit contents (subject to technical changes)

Your Fumotec model should be ready for immediate use or a Fumotec model kit should be shipped to you already painted?

We now offer three attractive service offers that support the desire for a finished and ready-to-use model from the very beginning. With our service, you get once more the possibility to realize your dream model with Fumotec. We are presenting an attractive offer with a unique variety of models for every taste. Orders for construction and painting services are individual custom-made products and therefore excluded from revocation and exchange!

  • Building service PW180-10

    You don't have the time or the desire to build? You want to get your model ready for another reason? We build your Fumotec dream model ready for use for you!

    1.592,80 €*

  • PW180 Basic painting service

    The Basic painting service includes painting with high-quality 2-component uni paints in Komatsu design. The cab is not painted inside and may have paint mist, the quick coupler is painted in the gray tone of the undercarriage. The Basic paint finish is our low-cost alternative. Our goal is to color the parts with a high quality paint and the skilled hand of a professional for a fair price. Visible parts are sanded before painting. Components that are not in the visible area may have a slight surface texture.

    1.036,50 €*

  • Paint servicePW180 Exclusive

    PW180-10 Exclusive painting service - the name of this offer stands for itself. With this high-end painting, the corresponding components are provided with an elaborate multi-layer painting. A lot of effort is put into the type designation as well as the original manufacturer's lettering of the model: These are painted with much attention to detail in this service!

    1.551,20 €*

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