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Fumotec - True to scale an original!

Who is Fumotec?

We are a small powerful team around Frank Preisendörfer. The company is based in Mittelsinn, a community in the Lower Franconian district of Main-Spessart. The name Fumotec is formed from the terms Funktionsmodell-Technik. Fumotec is guaranteed to have the right offer in its particularly extensive range to make your dream model come true.

What does Fumotec offer you?

We make the dreams of functional model builders come true and create construction machines with hydraulic components on a scale of 1:14.5, which impress with their attention to detail. This attention to detail has already been rewarded several times with prizes and awards. The high-quality and robust models from Fumotec are kits. Alternatively, we offer the possibility to realize individual wishes - up to the assembly of a ready-to-run model. This is the perfect combination of your experience in model building and the desire for a personal construction machine as a functional model.

Why does Fumotec make the difference?

We are at your side with advice and support and of course help you with your decision with our decades of experience. We offer you tips for the construction of the kit and show you possible alternatives in the personal design of the model.

What characterizes the models from Fumotec?

We realize intelligent ideas in the development of the models with maximum fun. It is especially important for us to use only high quality components. In doing so, we always have an optimal price-performance ratio and a high benefit for our customers in mind. The close and trustful cooperation with the manufacturers of the original machines is of great advantage. All models are manufactured under license from these manufacturers.

Models from Fumotec - true to scale an original!

Current News

The all-new WA475-10 is here!

The prototype of this new wheel loader was shown to the public for the first time by Komatsu at BAUMA 2019 in Munich. Now this innovative highlight from Fumotec is available true to scale in 1:14.5. The kit, including the standard scale parts, is constructed in extreme detail. Exactly like the big original - just Fumotec!

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The old Fumotec store is almost history!

Who has found his way better in the old store, or would like to access it for another reason can do so with pleasure via this LINK TO THE OLD FUMOTEC SHOP . However, we will no longer update the old store.

For our international customers we work on the English version of the new online shop.

For the moment there is only an English version of the old Fumotec shop. Please use this link to enter the old


TruckModel Star 2020

Fumotec takes 1st place again!

In the TruckModel Star 2020 election, Fumotec took 1st place in the "Models" category with the Komatsu PC228 short-tail excavator.

Many thanks to the readers of Truckmodell and of course to the publisher VTH!

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Our award winning model from Fumotec:

The Komatsu PC228USLC-11 short-tail excavator is the winner of the 2020 TruckModel Star in the "Models" category.

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