Servo Cable Marking Set

Servo Cable Marking Set

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Order and clarity are extremely important in the complex functional models. This also includes the labeling of the servo cables on the receiver. No matter for what reason you pull the servo cables out of the receiver, it is always nice to know which cable belongs in which connector. We've seen a lot of things, from servo cables or connectors "labeled" with pens, to tape, to labeling rings that are way too big. We have now found the perfect solution for us and would like to share it with you. Our servo cable labeling is super compact and is only mounted over one of the 3 servo cables. To do this, you lift the latch of the pin, pull out the small plug contact, put our servo cable labeling over the cable and put the contact back into the servo connector. The result is a permanently cleanly labeled servo cable whose labeling hardly moves and takes up almost no space. We are convinced, let us inspire you too!

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